Online Timesheet Systems

Designed for Recruitment companies our eTimesheet system is a simple-to-use online facility allowing workers to submit their hours, and have them authorised by the client, electronically. All that is needed is access to the web – it can be done online anytime, from your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

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For the candidate it is quick and easy to use, requiring only a couple of minutes to fill out and submit a timesheet. For the client the system is even easier to use, login, review the timesheet and enter a PIN – that’s it. Both candidate and client are automatically notified by email when a timesheet is submitted and again, when the hours have been authorised. Entering through a secure password protected login, the system allows both clients and candidates to see current and future bookings and also to view a complete history of all work carried out. It also allows any timesheet to be printed out for a permanent record. photo of eTimesheets login page A sophisticated web-based admin system  enables your consultants to input and view all essential bookings details. These include: client, start & end date, venue, candidate, charge and pay rates, with flagging of any missing information.

“Through the use of the system, we have improved our efficiencies in relation to our freelancers and clients which has directly resulted in increased revenue.”
The system automatically rolls-over on-going and period bookings, and displays the current state of the booking – if the timesheet has been submitted or is still outstanding. Because both clients and candidates process their timesheets electronically, it means that there are fewer delays and less time wasted chasing missing or unauthorised timesheets.

HMRC Intermediaries Reporting

Following the enacting of the reporting requirements by HMRC all Agencies (Intermediaries) are now require to provide quarterly reports to HMRC. Agencies will need to provide the worker’s details and payment details for all workers where they don’t operate PAYE.

Bluejay eTimesheets has been fully updated for integration with the HMRC online arrangements. You can now simply click a couple of buttons to produce a fully compliant file ready for online uploading on the HMRC website, with the report containing all the data required.

Xero Accounts Invoicing

eTimesheets includes integration with Xero online accounting package. This optional module allows you to produce invoices (or Credit Notes) directly from completed timesheets, for upload to Xero for reconciliation and onwards dispatch to your clients. eTimesheets also produces EDI files for uploading and assignment of invoices to your Bank or Finance Company ledger.

Invoices can be single or multi-line, with full description of work carried out – candidate name, site details, week-ending and Booking reference. Invoices can be for a single candidate, all candidate working at a single-site or across all of a client’s sites. It deals with a range of overtime rates as well as standard hours – on a per-booking or client-wide basis. Included information covers Invoice Date, Due Date, Purchase Orders, Cost Codes and Booking Refs.
The time savings and, more importantly, the accuracy achieved when compared to manual or semi-manual systems are immense.


Following the implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations on 1st October 2011, the pressure to ensure compliance with the new rights of temporary workers has increased. To verify that the tracking of entitlement and the provision of comparator information is in place we have created a new AWR Module for our eTimesheets system. This provides automatic calculation of a workers AWR Clock for each client. It also provides a simple online AWR Comparator Questionaire to be filled in by a suitable client representative.

“The system portrays a highly professional image and allows us to deliver the standards expected of a major recruitment agency.”

Booking Requests

We have recently added a Booking Requests facility to the eTimesheets system. This is an easy-to-use addition, that provides a further way for clients to request freelance cover for today, tomorrow or weeks ahead. It is designed to enhance your existing service and not to replace personal contact. When a Booking Request is made the client sees and on-screen confirmation that the Booking Request has been received, and an SMS alert sent. The SMS is dispatched to the designated Consultant(s) and thus ensures you are immediately aware of your client’s requirements. The on-screen system is also instantly updated and a confirmation email is prepared, ready for sending when the freelance worker is confirmed. Alternatively, an email confirmation of the Booking Request can be sent to the client. All Authoriser accounts have access to the Booking Request but in addition, the system allows for separate Requester accounts. These do not have timesheet authorisation privileges and do not receive emails alerts about timesheet submissions.

eTimesheet system Benefits and Features

  • Simplifies administration and reduces overheads
  • Eliminates paper timesheets and other error-prone manual processes
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year
  • Single screen interface for Timesheet management
  • Instant updates and live timesheet status
  • Advanced booking, client and candidate search
  • Automated Client and Candidate email notifications
  • Optional Xero Accounts module
  • Optional AWR module
  • Optional SMS system for Booking Requests Candidate notifications
  • Instant calculation and display of Cost, Charge and Margin
  • Automatic roll-over of ongoing and ‘period’ bookings
  • Secure – multi-level user access through passworded login

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